Promotion: Ur doing it wrong

Quel Surprise!  KFC is finally haulting their free chicken promotion.  Let’s retrace their steps and see where they went wrong.  A)they distributed coupons which could be easily copied and reused B) they created an unreasonably long period of time during which customers could collect free food C) they paired up with Oprah, Queen and high priestess of all that is promotion to pimp their plan D) they offered free food during the Greatest Recession E) they didn’t anticipate the combination of free food + horrible economy + lot’s of unemployed people = riots and F) THEY RAN OUT OF CHICKEN RIGHT BEFORE MOTHER’S DAY, which, sadly, is apparently their MOST POPULAR WEEKEND!  I think that last bit might be the saddest.  Who takes their mom to KFC’S????  If you REALLY loved your mother, you’d take her to POPEYES!  Personally, I think KFC is gross…doesn’t help that everytime I see one I flash back to that video of the rat infested on on Weat 4th… …  …  …  I’m back.  That shit was Naaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh-stea!  The point is, Popeyes is way better…as evidenced by recent news stories that detail a woman behind mugged for her popeyes AND a riot caused by $5 chicken.  Popeyes is SO good that they don’t even need to offer their chicken for FREE to cause a riot.  Nuff said.

Kentucky Fried CHAOS: Free Chicken Deal SUSPENDED! – Gothamist: New York City News, Food, Arts & Events.


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