Hipster looking for work? There’s maybe a TV show looking for you!

If lookatthisfuckinghipster.com is popular, then how can a show about hipsters NOT be popular?  Actually, if it’s Bravo and they tackle it with the same panache they use for Real Housewives, then it should be a slam-dunk!  I would totally watch it…but only if they can find hipsters who are true freak shows.  There’s only so much posing and namedropping and waxing poetic about Animal Collective I can watch.  Although getting to see these peeps with their families would be highly educational.  How a hipster develops, where they come from, and how they came to be and what the people who support them are like-that’s interesting!  It should be called Trustifarians.  THAT is what the show should be about…although…to be honest, the economy has really hit everyone pretty hard.  A lot of those trust funds aren’t as padded as they used to be.  Well, I’m interested to see what they produce here.  Maybe they can get hipsters from different cities.  NY does NOT have the corner market on hipsters.  Has anyone been to LA recently?  In all honesty, I really only hit one hipster bar but what killed me was that everyone was from the east coast.  I’m beginning to wonder if it’s just an east coast thing.  Is that a good thing?  Bad thing?  I don’t really know…On the one hand, I love hipsters…I love giggling at the argyle knee socks and cowboy boots…the femullets…the boys in poor eyeliner and kmart dock shoes…but on the other hand, I really don’t want to be surrounded by them.  The nice thing about New York is you’re never surrounded by just one group.  It really is a melting pot and if you don’t like the people, walk five blocks-the flavor is sure to change.

Self-Identifying Hipsters Wanted for Reality-TV Show — Daily Intel — New York News Blog — New York Magazine.


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