Who knew grilled cheese could be so controversial?

I love grilled cheese but this really isn’t about the sandwich…it’s about the angry and animated comments section of this post!  It all a started when the blog Grub Street at NY Mag misspelled the winner’s name.  He unleashed is fury in the comments and was joined by an angry mob of New Yorkers who took offense with his tone and cocky attitude.  I love internet fights.  I know they are dumb…and there are never any winners…but they are so much fun to READ!  One of the funniest comments fights I’ve ever seen was on Bon Appetit.  If memory serves it was a recipe for a burger of some sort and people were making the usual “needs salt”, “I found it pretentious” sort of comments when one member went rogue and started using profanity and personally attacking the other commenters.  Since no one on the Bon Appetit site used profanity or talked about anything other than the recipes it was high-larious.  They had no idea what to do with the guy…so they just kind of danced around it or politely asked him to stop…and he just kept on COMING!  Good times.

Some Dude’s Grilled Cheese Sandwich Added to Artisanal’s Menu — Grub Street: New York Magazine’s Food and Restaurant Blog.


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