Whoo-Hoo! DC Council Votes to Recognize Gay Marriage!

You know you’re on the right (read “correct”) side of an issue when Marion Barry is opposing it!  DC’s resident assclown was the lone vote against recognizing out-of-state gay marriages.  In an ideal world, DC would allow full marriage rights but recognizing out-of-state gay marriage is a nice first step.

D.C. Council Votes to Recognize Out-of-State Same-Sex Marriages – US News and World Report.


3 thoughts on “Whoo-Hoo! DC Council Votes to Recognize Gay Marriage!”

  1. I completely agree! DC is *liberal* in some ways but every conservative in others…and this issue could have been in the “other” category. I hope they’ll pass a gay marriage bill.

  2. qrRead up on something else left by the Bushqr Administration still going on in Austin, TX.
    They left a weapon for the police department in Austin, TX to torture and violate people’s rights without anyone knowing.

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