Rudy pulls a super DICK move

He totally bailed on his BFF’s gay wedding!  He crashed with a gay couple in between divorces-I mean, marriages.  Howard Koeppel and Mark Hsiao tied the know in a tiny ceremony this weekend.  Personally, I’ve never been a big fan of Rudy’s.  I think he’s a super douche who never had to fully answer for all the innocent lives he ruined when he was cleaning up the city at all costs…BEFORE 9/11.   Sure…9/11 happened…and he was ‘great’ but I’ve had to listen to countless speeches about it…and how awesome he was when it happened…and how it only happened in NY!  Which isn’t even true!  He had the audacity to give a speech AT Georgetown within SIGHT of the Pentagon and talk about how 9/11 impacted NY and no where else.  He’s a one trick Pony and he’s played out…What could possibly have kept him from his friend’s wedding???  Is he running for office again?

So I’m not surprised that he bailed on a wedding with 10 GUESTS…because he’s just a US Grade A Prime Douchebag and that’s just how he rolls.



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