Just a friendly reminder to bet on the horses this weekend

There is a reason gambling is so freaking popular…because every now and again, you win! I had no idea that Larry King was such a down-and-out guy…of course he’s lived so freaking long that no one from this story is alive anymore.  It is an inspiring story in that he was apparently completely broke, completely unemployable, and a completely awesome father who took his daughter to their ‘secret park’-whatever that is.  But then he placed a lucky bet and was back in the money!  The Belmont is this weekend I just realized that I left New York, happy home to OTB, for a city that doesn’t let you bet on the horses, crappy-town DC.  I really don’t understand why DC doesn’t let you bet…we’ve got every other vice…all nude strip clubs, all the drugs you could possibly want, and super cheap alcohol.  Betting would really round DC out as vice city.  Anyhoo, if you are lucky enough to live near an OTB, go get your bet on for the last race in the triple crown.  Also, don’t let any of the grandpas “help you” with your bets.

Excerpt: Betting my last dollar on a horse – CNN.com.


Chicago, I like your style…


If you’re a laid-off lawyer living in Chicago, a social group has sprung up so you don’t have to be the only sad ex-lawyer crying into your beer.  But, a word of advice, if you’re laid-off, you should have switched from the “affluent” drinks to PBR by now.  The bike messengers and I just LOVE mainlining the stuff and you can get it for less than a $1 in most parts of Brooklyn.  If that’s not fabulocity, then I don’t know what is.  Also, this is the perfect time to hone your flirting skills and perfect the art of drinking for free.  My first year in NYC I rarely had to pay for a drink…which was really helpful since I had no money to pay for $21 fancy-pants cocktails that are really just some pucker and schnaps.  If you’re a gent, go where the cougars go…show some of the non-headturners that you’re a sensitive guy who’s down on his luck.  If you’re a lady, just hang out at any of the Wall Street bars in lower Manhattan and pretend really hard that you care about Ibanking and just love money…not matter how much they talk about it or their boring lives.  Also, show some tit and some leg.  Actually, you can treat people like shit and they’ll still buy you drinks if you show some tit and some leg.  Also, ladies and gents, gay bars are excellent places to score free drinks.  I don’t know why I get drinks at gay bars but I do…and if I can get drinks there, anyone can.  There are also a whole host of free drinking events going on around our less than fair city all the time.  Gothamist sends out emails letting you know when and where to be when the liquour gods declare a free-for-all.  Happy Friday and Happy Drinking!

Calling All Drunken, Unemployed, Chicago Lawyers – Above the Law – A Legal Tabloid – News, Gossip, and Colorful Commentary on Law Firms and the Legal Profession.

Phone Interview? Some helpful hints from Lifehacker including what to wear (hint: not your robe)

I’ve only ever done a few phone interviews and thought they went well enough but none of them ever resulted in a face-to-face interview.  Clearly I need to brush up.  While it may seem strange, experts say that dressing for your phone interview just as you would  for an in person interview has proven results.  It helps get you into the proper frame of mind and keeps the atmosphere professional, no matter where you are answering employment’s call.  Other tidbits include using keeping notes and your resume handing, make sure you’re on a good hard line that won’t get interrupted, and practice with a friend before the call.

Lifehacker – Nail Your Next Phone Interview by Dressing Up – Job search.

Holleration: Ur Doing it wrong

San Simeon

The greatest recession/financial apocalypse has hit our greatest heros: rappers.  Bling is a thing of the past?  Impossible!  I don’t want to live in a world where I can’t buy a diamond encrusted panda watch that costs as much as small house in the burbs….or a one bedroom apartment here.  The Wall Street Journal does an excellent job of reporting on cultural trend, reporting that some rappers, in an attempt to keep up appearances, have started requesting (Gasp-clutch the pearls…literally) cubic zirconia.  Does that mean TI is going to be slinging his shit on QVC when he gets out of the slammer?  Does this mean P Diddy is gonna have his own show with Susanne Sommers?  Right after his Proactive ad?  Pharrell launching a Cash4Gold style business on the channel?  In all fairness, the WSJ alludes to this joke by mentioning that CZ, as it’s known to it’s intimates, is popular on QVC. Obviously rappers had to tone it down pronto because places like the Wall Street Journal are now using words like “ice” and “bling” and “grillz”.  Also, Lil’ Wayne came up with bling in 2003?  I really don’t think so.  I feel like that’s older than 2003…but that’s when I disappeared into the worm hole that is law school so what do I know.  Le sigh.  I still miss “frosted”…I guess it never had a chance.

Culture of Bling Clangs to Earth as the Recession Melts Rappers’ Ice – WSJ.com.

I am the ABSOLUTE WORST at salary negotiations

So this is a tres interesting read for me…not that I’m in the midst of any salary negotiations at present…nor do I assume there will be any negotiating during my next interview since I’m so desperate at this point I’d pretty much take anything.  I guess that counts as tipping my hand?  But I’m pretty sure no future employers are reading this blog…or anyone else for that matter.  Anyhoo, file this article under good to know and break it out when and if you’re negotiating next!

Lifehacker – Avoid Tipping Your Hand in Salary Negotiations – Salary Negotiation.

YES! 16 more weeks of getting paid to do nothing!

Gov. Paterson signed a bill that gives New York residents 16 more weeks of unemployment!  That brings the grand total to 18 months!  I guess that’s why NY residents have been getting less unemployment than CT and NJ!  Now it all makes sense!  Unemployment is great and all but I’m sure most people would prefer a job.

Unlucky: Thirteen More Weeks Of Unemployment Benefits In New York State.