Marion Barry: Batting 1,000

As per usual, Marion Barry is on the wrong side of the issue…why?  Because he always is.  I learned as a DC voter YEARS ago…before I was even old enough to vote, that if he supported something, I should investigated it heavily and, more likely than not, vote the other way.  Guess what?  It works!  Pretty much ever issue he’s supported has been bad for the city.  And NOW he’s against same sex marriage in DC.  Why, do you ask?  Well OBVIOUSLY it’s because he’s such a MORAL politician.  Unless you were living under a rock for the entire of the 80’s and 90’s and even recently, you KNOW that he’s just about as far from a “MORAL” politician as you can get.  Not only did he smoke crack with a self-professed ‘crack whore’, but he accepted bribes, gave government contracts to family members, and ran the city into the ground.  Also, when did he dodge bullets during the civil rights movement?  He stood next to MLK a million years ago and that’s supposed to make the community he’s being been treating like shit forgive him for everything he’s done?  I think he’s ‘misremembering’ the bullets…those fly around the city he was mayor of ALL THE TIME.  So perhaps he was remembering DC…sans gay marriage…but full of drug wars and quickly climbing to the top of the murder rate.  Or maybe he was remembering getting robbed at gunpoint in June 2006.  Fortunately, his credit cards were all maxed out so they didn’t get very far on them-oh-that’s right!  He’s ALSO one of the millions of MORAL Americans who borrowed way more than they could ever pay back.  Also, how many times has he been married?  FOUR.  FOUR TIMES.  HOW can SOMEONE WHO’S BEEN MARRIED FOUR TIMES EVEN OPEN THEIR MOUTH TO TALK ABOUT THE SANCTITY OF MARRIAGE???  

Marion Barry: I’m a moral politician… No gay marriage in DC! – Last Word.


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