Worst employer of the year?

And I thought my last job was bad…Cityfile has opened a file on the billionaire Peltz family and the wicked ways they treat their staff.  They are being sued by a former chauffeur for violating employment laws and a class action suit by former staff members has been filed for past abuses and mistreatment.  The turn over at their Bedford compound is apparently incredible.  While Nelson Peltz is busy working surrounded by bodyguards, his wife and their house manager rule the roost.  They have cameras all over the place and refused to let staff eat or save any food that’s destined for the garbage.  This makes them worse than Whole Foods who recently fired an employee for eating a sandwich that was being disposed of…at least Whole Foods has a defense-even if it is super weak.  One of their staff members was reprimanded for toasting and eating a bagel that was going to be thrown away.  So not only are they awful to their staff but they are also insanely wasteful for no apparent reason.  The family butler was dismissed on Easter Sunday after Mrs. Peltz detected a less than chipper attitude after the butler had cleaned a toilet seat for the fourth time “for luck” per her instructions.  And, as per usual, the real villainess of the story is their daughter, little miss sunshine sparklepants who has had countless nannies and maids fired.  She wants to be an actress.  I have a thought-how ’bout you ACT like an adult and stop shitting all over everyone?  Looks like when Claudia Peltz isn’t busy shitting all over the staff, she’s also falling through her ass as a parent.  So the good news is, the Peltz family is ALWAYS hiring…the bad news is they are also ALWAYS firing…and now getting sued!

Peltz Family Help Is Revolting Against Them — Daily Intel — New York News Blog — New York Magazine.


10 thoughts on “Worst employer of the year?”

  1. He once fired Claudias chauffeur, because he wouldn’t run a red light, on Central Park & Taven on the Green, because she might be late for arobics. His most used saying, “Your Fired”. He has to keep her happy, or he’s sleeping on the couch.

    1. They sound like a match made in heaven. I know the type-especially with drivers. Makes one wonder why she was so concerned about being late for aerobics? Why do certain rules matter when others don’t? From what I’ve seen of NYC’s elite bitch squad, they haven’t done their job if they aren’t making someone’s life a living hell. Thanks for commenting.

  2. And she is the definition of Bitch. Daddy groomed all his girls to “sleep” their way into money. Claudia certainly clawed her way out of the wanna be middle class to the trashy new money world of the scummy rich. What I could tell you from when I worked for them!

  3. I worked for the Peltz family as a bodyguard . They only ask the help to do what they are paid for . I worked at their mansion in Florida . I found Claudia to be a quiet , nice person . I never saw her mistreat anyone . Mr. Peltz pays his employees very good wages with great benefits . Both parents love their children very much . Miss Claudia is being portrayed as a bitch and that is far from the truth . The children are good kids . The youngest daughter can be a challenge but they all love each other and show it . People who have worked for them should respect the family and not expose the things that are negative and are present in all households . Mr peltz gives his employees a 401k ,health care , vacation time , even a yearly bonus and money on their birthday . Mark

    1. It sounds like your experience was very different than other people they employed. Interesting that they thought they needed bodyguards…

  4. i was Claudia’s personal secretary in the 90s and she is a very bad employer. she was very difficult to work for.

    an interesting tidbit: at the time they both hired a personal trainer and he fired her because she was muscular and didn’t want his wife to become ripped. she used to work out hours and I would go to the gym after and there would be ALOT of empty water bottles littered all over the floor.

    the had two boys when I worked for them, and they held a very expensive party for the kids and it was so sad. not one parent attended the party with their kids. it was all nannys.

    1. That does sound pretty tragic but unfortunately common. It is heartbreaking to see parents who just don’t seem to want anything to do with their children. It’s one thing if you can’t spend time because you’re working but it’s an entirely different matter if you’re just avoiding them.

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