St. Francis Swine Flu Fail

So the swine flu has landed here in NYC and who brought it in?  Students returning from Cancun for Spring Break!  Most people bring some sort of disease or ugly bug back from Spring Break in Mexico but one of these lucky kids just became the city’s patient zero.  I can almost make out the inspiring college application essay that this experience is sure to produce.  I just wish they’d been doing something a wee bit less douchey than partying in Cancun…like charity work?  Or maybe work of any kind?  Who can afford to go to Cancun these days anyway?  Not to sound old fashioned, but WHERE ARE THE PARENTS?  My parents would still be laughing at me if I’d asked to go to Cancun for spring break in high school and I’m 31…I can see it now…we’d be sitting at the table eating dinner and then one of them would look at me and start giggling…and then they’d make eye contact and break out into side splitting laughter and say “Do you remember that TIME you asked us (HA!) if you could go (omg…it’s TOO much!  phew) to Spring Break…in Cancun!  THAT was HYSTERICAL!  You have SUCH a great sense of humor…your father and I still laugh about that ALL THE TIME!”

Also, award to St. Francis for having a reunion with classes dating back to 1939 on Saturday while you’re swabbing and disinfecting the school…actually, you can’t even tell from the story if they disinfected before, during or after the party.  Brilliant!  What were they thinking?-“There’s no reason to let between 8-1oo cases of swine flu stop us from inviting a bunch of old people to party the night away here…we could never even consider relocating or postponing the party…I’m sure the old people from the class of 1939 are TOTALLY tough enough to take on a little swine flu…”  THAT is a high school reunion FAIL…bigger fail than the stripper story.

Jezebel – Swine Flu Confirmed In New York City – Swine flu.


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