Guilty as charged and trying to avoid being a repeat offender

In addition to the swine flu, there’s a “failure to launch’ epidemic sweeping the nation.  The financial apocalypse is forcing ‘children’ (actually they are adults which makes it a little less confusing…I was picturing a bunch of ragamuffin kids from Oliver Twist when I first read ‘children’…I need more coffee) to move back in with their parents.  I’ll be honest…I totally lived at home with the folks in 2001 when I was laid off…it wasn’t so bad.  My parents live in DC, have a nice place…lot’s of space…but I’d rather live in a cardboard box than be a repeat offender.  Unfortunately, for many ‘children’ there are no other options.  The trend echos what happened during the first depression when children, parents and grandparents often lived together in one dwelling.  I can say from experience that the odds of their being a ‘next generation’ are greatly decreased when you move home.  Nothing downgrades your game like moving home with mom and pop…although it does add a high school-like quality to everything.  Nothing says “get ready for sexy times” like “You have to be quiet-I don’t want to wake my parents” when you bring adult friends home.  But with more people springing for the stay-at-home-with-the folks option, at least there’s safety in numbers and I bet these people will be in WAY better financial shape than me in 9 months.  Rent, especially in NY is EXPENSIVE.  There was an article featured on Gothamist recently that discussed how even though rents are going down up here, the percentage of income that goes towards rent has risen drastically.  More NYC residents than ever have over 50% of their income going towards rent.  That’s barely scrapping by.  So I guess the good news is that if the economy doesn’t get you, maybe the pig flu will?

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