Job Idea: Impersonate people at their High School reunion!

What my college 10 year might look like

A recent story about a woman who hired a pole dancer to take her place at a high school reunion got me thinking-this could totally be a cottage industry!  Instead of going to your high school reunion, you could hire a much more attractive person to go in your place!  Mic them up and watch your high school reunion from the privacy and comfort of a hotel room!  I missed my 10 year because of law school finals but this would be a rad idea for my 20th.  If the idea catches on reunions could end up being a weird LARP second life blend with live models and actors standing in for actual invitees who’d watch from the comfort of their own homes!

Stripper Impersonates High School Alum: Classmates Learn About Reunion Prank on YouTube – ABC News.


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