America has been Skinny Dipping?

perfect day for a skinny dip

How shocking!  Thomas Friedman (I know…I might as well start calling this blog Totally Up Thomas Friedman’s Ass since I seem to post almost all of his Op-Eds but they are GOOD!  and INFORMATIVE!) uses one of Warren Buffett’s more recognizable quotes: “only when the tide goes out do you find out who is no wearing a bathing suit” to illustrate that the US any many other countries have been swimming in the credit bubble sans bathing suit!  Of COURSE!  Is there any other way to swim in a credit bubble?  Well, Mr. Friedman says there are other ways..more decent ways…ways that don’t result in a financial apocalypse when the tide goes out and exposes your incredible small shriveled peen.  He goes on to illustrate the link between K-12 education and earnings.  When the US dominated in K-12 education, we also dominated economically…but that we’ve fallen behind, we’re swimming necked.  He does a way better job explaining all of this…obvs.

Op-Ed Columnist – Swimming Without a Suit –


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