TO DO: Waste time on this site

I would have to say that this site does a near excellent job of capturing my inner monologue whenever I find myself on the L train or in Williamsburg.  I should add that there are an alarming number of “these types” popping up in my hood and it needs to stop…actually it doesn’t because I really enjoy laughing at them…but it does make me feel super old and uncool….but seeing as how I am super old and uncool I can’t really peg that on them, can I?  Le sigh.  Anyhoo, this site is pretty new so get your hipster picture on and send them some raw goods.

Look at this fucking hipster.


3 thoughts on “TO DO: Waste time on this site”

  1. funny … but funnier part is most of these ‘tards acting artsy can draw/act/sing a lick and also parents are loaded which affords them to live a life of decadence voicing their opinions against society, government, rules, parents, etc. while the very structure of their parents’ work ethic and this government’s foundation afford them the life that they take for granted. i rather they say thank you and appreciate through their actions by living a life of self worth.

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