Le Jez takes on the Health Insurance debacle

I’m just thrilled to pieces that people are talking about health care at long last.  I don’t know a single person who’s had a seamless and easy time with their health care-be it public or private.  It took me three tries to get an MRI this winter and that’s nothing compared to the myriad of other stories out there.  Kate Michelman does a good job of explaining exactly how someone who thinks they have plenty of insurance can wake up to discover they owe thousands of dollars for necessary medical treatment.  I really hope change is on the way because we are about to have millions more people joining the ranks of uninsured…and when that happens it impacts the entire system.  There are no easy answers and it’s going to take our best and brightest to try and figure out a solution we can all live with.

Jezebel – NARAL President’s Ordeal: The Ugly Side Of American Health Care – Kate michelman health insurance.


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