I can’t believe this Douche Rocket has a job and I don’t

I’ve always known that Rush Limbaugh was a douche and an idiot but this list really seals the deal.  The quotes would be hysterical if he didn’t have 13.5 million listeners.  How can people listen to this crap?  He literally makes my blood boil.  Did I mention that he flunked out of college?  Probably explains a LOT about the following list of *brilliant* quotes.  He’s not even “truthy”.  He takes the truth, throws it away, and then starts building his own bullshit pile based on pixie dust and fairy farts.  He’s about as far from being an American hero as a person can get.

Rush Limbaugh’s 10 Dumbest Remarks: Christopher Bateman | Vanity Fair.


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