Tax havens a thing of the past? Yes please!

BILLIONS of dollars are stashed in tax havens around the world which means the US and other global governments don’t get to tax them.  It looks like that’s all about to change thanks to the G20!  Maybe my parent’s money will turn up!

Is the Sun Setting on Tax Dodgers? – (


One thought on “Tax havens a thing of the past? Yes please!”

  1. Regarding taxation in Bermuda. My ex husband is reporting on his taxes an earned income credit of $ 365.00 and that he paid $ 193.00 in taxes to Bermuda. I realize I am talking about very small amounts of money but what could this be and is it pointing at something bigger? I thought Bermuda was a no tax country. Why would this $ 365.00 generate a 50% tax?

    In 2008 he worked in Australia, gone one month, and reports he earned only $ 2300.00. Is there a way he could have sent money to a business or whatever in Bermuda? He checks “NO” on his taxes to the questions about owning foreign companies, bank accts. etc etc. Help!

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