Onion hits pretty close to home…again

I would imagine that some bosses really are hitting their ‘groove’ as far as layoffs go right now…I mean, with wave after wave, pretty soon you learn how to do it without awkwardness or fumbling…and just lay it out in lavender…

Funny article about what must be the least funny thing out there…I can’t imagine how hard it must be for managers to fire people.  It does seem to me that generally companies tend to have one straight shooter who gets to handle most of the layoffs when the time comes.  It’s never easy but, as someone who’s been laid off twice now, I can say that it’s way better when they have all your paperwork ready to go so you can just pack your pitiful cardboard box and get the hell out of dodge.  It sucks to have to come back to the office that fired you…for anything.  Anyhoosle, it’s nice to have a laugh about something that’s typically totally shitty.  And thanks to my friend Maya the Muse for sending this one along.

Boss Gets Into Groove After 3rd Round Of Layoffs | The Onion – America’s Finest News Source.


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