Trash House that’s anything but Trashy

If only I could move to Joshua Tree and start building my own house out of clay and liquor bottles…that would be so cool!  Actually, this is totally one of those ideas that sounds so cool when it’s an artist like this who plays guitar and can make swings out of old water tanks…but for a person like moi who is really only good at emptying all those wine and beer bottles, the end product probably wouldn’t look like this.  Plus, the last time I tried to make a house out of clay and empty liquor bottles, I was kicked out of Prospect Park and asked never to return…I’m sure they’ve forgotten me by now…

Still, this cool dude is an inspiration…he’s like a mix of The Stranger from The Big Lebowski and Budd from Kill Bill.  Is it just me, or does it look like his flower art is made out of glass dildos?  Maybe I’m bringing too much of my own story to the art there…something to ponder whilst I drain another bottle…the dude abides.

Also, trend alert–Martha just got back to Joshua Tree and said it was to die for!  The idea of Martha chillaxing in the same dessert where Jim Morrison used to trip balls blows my mind a little bit.  So Joshua Tree, you’re on notice!  That or your tourism board is suddenly busting out all the stops to get people to visit.  Kudos to you, Joshua Tree.

And kudos to me…I just mentioned Martha Stewart and glass dildos in the same post!  It’s the little things…especially when you’re unemployed.

On Location – On Location – Cutting Loose in the California Desert –


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