I may be unemployed…but come May 12th, I’ll have these women


Not sure how many of the three people reading this blog caught Bravo’s 1/2 hour sneak peak of the Real Housewives of New Jersey last night but it was simply AMAZING.  I watched it three times…DVR was INVENTED for this show.  I’ve always HATED “live blogging” but I think this show SCREAMS for it!  Perhaps not live blogging but a chat room of sorts.  My friend and I almost broke gchat last night trying to type and watch so I think we’re going to have to up the game and get a group chat going next time.  I’m really happy that Jezebel picked a spelling for buh-bies…I really was struggling with that…I lived in NJ for four years and had never once heard tatas referred to as “buh-bies” but now that’s all they’ll ever be!  I’m totally team Caroline.  That classy broad drops the f-bomb more than I do…and she’s a fucking tit-stand!  They all are!  I’d love to be in a room with them just so I could feel like I have small “buh-bies”…and I’m a 36G.  I’m hosting a party for the premiere on May 12 and I’m going to stuff my bra for the first time in my LIFE.  THAT is how much I love this freaking show.  This show is going to be “BEYOND”.  I’m making a “Fucking Team Caroline Fuck You’s” t-shirt this weekend.

Everything about this show screams that it has surpassed the other “Real Housewives” shows…the “checkered” past of Danielle, the obvious mafia connections, Dina having been an interior designer (her whole house is like a Christopher Lowell bathroom-it’s so over designed with pillows, candles, and fake flowers that you can barely take a shit in it), Teresa’s husband being an “ass man” but then wanting her to get C cups because they might shrink (really?  Fake breasts?  They shrink?  Seriously…they don’t even shrink when you die and decay), and Caroline and her ‘street smarts’…everything is just too beyond fantastic.  I can’t wait for May 12th!!!  Get your big hair and fake nails on girls.  It’s time to flip some tables and eat some baked ziti with clams.

Jezebel – The Real Housewives Of New Jersey : Bronzer, “Buh-Bies,” And… Blow Jobs? – The real housewives of new jersey.

Also…celebrity sneak peak:

NY Times CityRoom


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