Things that Make Jesus Cry

Marriage for ALL...who want it.  Below is an new ad AGAINST Gay Marriage that is set to air in NJ, NY, PA, NH, and Iowa.  First, why Iowa?  Isn’t that done?  Clearly this means they are gearing up to take this either back to the courts, or to the state legislature or to the voters themselves.

The Ad is frightening and I’m posting it as a reminder that this fight is NOT over…far from it.  Gay Marriage needs to be LEGAL in each and every state in the union.  The ideas communicated and reinforced by this ad are infuriating.  How is the government attacking NJ church groups?  Why would a doctor lose her job because of gay marriage?  I REALLY don’t understand how that one works…unless she’s denying health services to gay people…in which case she should lose her job.  And don’t worry MA mom, even if the schools teach your son that gay marriage is “ok” (which I highly doubt has become part of the curriculum) you can teach him as much hate and loathing at home as your heart desires! Oooh-or send him to Catholic school!  Pretty sure they aren’t teaching that gay marriage is “ok”.  Actually, they were against hetero sex for the most part when I was there so it’s sure to be a sex free zone (omitting the obvious priest/little boy joke).

Again, I really really really don’t understand why people are against gay marriage.  It has nothing to with your hetero marriage…it has nothing to do with your church…it has nothing to do with your kids…except that if your child is gay, they will grow up knowing that even though some people might not support their lifestyle, they have equal rights and protection under the law.

Also, that old dude…totally Gay.

Daily Kos: The Scary Gay People Are Taking Over.


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