Speaking of Weddings…it’s all about the Benjamins

With the economic downturn in full swing, I’m actually surprised people can afford weddings.  In trend news, registries are OUT and cold hard CASH is IN!  Dollar, dollar, bill y’all!  I didn’t realize until recently that in some communities money is the only “classy” gift and registries are actually déclassé.  I had a friend from Queens who thought that it was totally tacky that the bride and groom had registered at Le Crate.  As a former employee of Crate and Barrel where registries are a cornerstone of their business, I as shocked and pressed for gift details…and that’s when he told me about the money dance.  In his defense, he did seem to realize as he was actually saying “money dance” and before I got out-”YOU KNOW WHO ELSE DOES THE MONEY DANCE???  STRIPPERS! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!”-that to someone who wasn’t raised going to weddings where cash is king and it’s actually part of the wedding festivities, it might look a little like “Dance, Monkey, Dance”.

Anyhoo it totally makes sense that in a day and age where people are living together and playing house before they get hitched, they wouldn’t need fancy plates and Panini grills…especially in NY where most ovens are a step up from an easy-bake and don’t fit cookie sheets (sniffle).

Something Borrowed, Something Green – WSJ.com.


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