It’s like a Will…for all your online stuff

This freaks me out a little bit but it’s a great idea.  The only thing that really worries me is how secure this site would have to be.  This site would have to be the Fort Knox of internet sites…also it reminds me that you can go at anytime…and that when you go, your mom might suddenly have access to all of your online accounts…and that freaks me out 😀  It does make things MUCH easier when you go…much like a Will.

Lifehacker – Legacy Locker Hands Over the Keys to Your Online Life When You Die – Death.


3 thoughts on “It’s like a Will…for all your online stuff”

  1. I was also captivated by this concept. They say they have bank level security. I wouldn’t mind seeing some form of certification of their security levels. Maintaining security and continually updating it for new threats would be expensive.

  2. Yeah-also “bank levels” aren’t that awesome these days. I have three friends who have had id fraud at the ‘bank security’ level. It seems like this service would be a HUGE target but, on the other hand, they MUST know that. And if they failed, the amt you’d be able to sue for would probably be pretty insane. It’s a great idea and long over due.

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