Want unemployment? You might have to piss clean first

Not sure how I missed this last week…I guess I had some off days…some lags…some distractions with topics that were a little more fun.  But holy crap this would suck.  Don’t get me wrong, I believe states can put REASONABLE restrictions on public benefits…and make people jump through a REASONABLE amount of hoops to get them…but piss tests…that would be a NIGHTMARE!  Currently, unemployment is pretty suhweet…both on the state side and the recipient side.  It’s all online.  I log on, I tell them what I’ve been up to, if they want me to come in, they let me know…if not, then they send me my check.  Very little work for them and very little work for me-which allows me to spend more time job hunting!  The idea of having to visit an unemployment office once a week, wait in a HUGE line to piss in a room with a city employee watching is horrifying.  It’s like going to the DMV!  On the regular!  That would kill at LEAST a day…and what if you have a job interview!  “Oh sorry I can’t come in and interview for my dream job.  I have to go piss in a cup or NY State is going to sue me for benefits I’ve already taken and prohibit me from collecting future benefits I’m entitled to…but thanks for the opportunity!  I’m sure there are TONS of other jobs out there!”

On the other hand…it could create a shit ton of jobs…even more jobs when you consider the amount of appeals and retesting and everything that goes with this sort of undertaking.  But, last I checked, NYC is supposed to be cutting jobs…and shrinking the budget…not increasing it’s spending.  And COME ON.  Can’t we do something ELSE?  Like more teachers?  Or start more public works projects?  Something productive rather than spinning our wheels with piss testing?

States consider drug tests for welfare recipients – Yahoo! News.


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