Truer words were never typed…

No…there is nothing that can prepare you for the C Me Dance trailer…not even the Bruno trailer which was recently released.  As excited as I am to see Bruno…this moving looks…well…amazing.  Be SURE to sign the petition to bring it to a theater near you.  Sadly, NYC is filled with heathens and devil worshippers so it’s highly unlikely I’ll be able to see it…for two weeks when it goes to DVD after it’s quick stop in theaters.  The videogum kids do an excellent job of exploring this movie’s awesomeness.  Especially the dad’s line…I’m going to try and say that as often as possible this weekend at my first gay wedding!  I’m sure I’ll be REALLY popular.  So I will C U Later.  But I have questions that only this film can answer…such as, since we does the devil hate dancing?  I thought that’s where illegitimate babies came from?  Clearly I need to watch and LEARN and BELIEVE!  Just in time for Easter too!

Nothing Can Prepare You For The C Me Dance Trailer – Trailer – Videogum.


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