NEAT: Indoor garden/lamp…”lightpot” NOT the Aerogarden


Maybe it’s because I’m starting seedlings from scratch this year or because I used to live in an apartment that got no direct light (4th floor courtyard surrounded by 20 story buildings…NO LIGHT…you had to lean OUT of the window in order to see what the sky looked like…ALL the WAY out the window) but I LOVE this lamp!  It’s a great idea for a mini-herb garden.  I can’t wait until it becomes available.  Perfect for shady kitchen corners or even for helping with stagnant air in the bathroom or bedroom.  I actually just bought a huge Acera Palm to help filter some air in the apt.  Not sure if it’s working but it sure looks pretty and is super easy to take care of.  Anyhoo, just thought I’d share this neat lamp that actually makes SENSE for apartment living…aka doesn’t take up 3 ft of counter space.  Go LIGHTPOT!  

Inhabitat » Grow a Garden Indoors With the Lightpot.


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