It’s happening here too…


What do people have against pillows?  Don’t people realize that there are tons of people who don’t have pillows?  Or who would love better non-feathered pillows?  What did pillows do to you?  And, seriously…not to sound like a conservative grandma…or pull a Bill Murray in “What About Bob”…but…seriously…folks…this city has a RAGING BED BUG PROBLEM…so you’re going to stage an event where everyone gathers their PILLOWS and goes to one place?  And breaks them open?  Just burn your clothes after.  I’m kind of happy it’s happening at Wall Street and not some place I actually visit or sleep on the regular.  Wall Street could use some bed bugs.  I’m really not even sure if you can spread them with a pillow fight…everything I’ve read has made me so freaking paranoid.  I hate bed bugs.  Really I do.  

Your perfect weekend – Time Out New York .


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