In News of the Sad: Economic Survivors? Really?

Sunset on the Slope

I mean, yeah…they are surviving…but reading more and more of these stories is making me want to not survive…if you know what I mean…jeesh.  First off, I’m not really sure that delivering pizzas is that much of a step down from managing a truck stop “restaurant”…has anyone been to a truck stop recently?  There’s some shady shit that goes on there.  I know delivering pizzas doesn’t pay all that well but, come one, anyone who’s seen a couple episodes of Cops knows that Truck Stops are CRAZY!   As are truckers.  Ohhh-I forgot that when I was little I wanted to be a trucker….note to self…look into some of them monster truck driving classes they have in Staten Island…

Also, the ‘camping on mom and dad’s farm’ couple said they made the move because they wanted to…they don’t really count as far as I’m concerned.  But Jeffrey…Mr. Jeffrey Root…sounds like his ticket for the shithead highway express lane has been punched for a while now.  So he’s 27, drowning in credit card debt, and working at a fast food ‘restaurant’ (CNN…”Restaurant” means a place where servers bring you your food…just to clarify…you really seem to be throwing that word around rather liberally)…so the bigger question becomes how could young Jeffrey afford a place of his own before?  Also, ENGLISH?  Jeffrey?  ENGLISH?  You’re going to go back and get an ENGLISH degree?  Ahhhhh why don’t you get a philosophy degree too while you’re there!  “I consider myself a jack of all trades”-I BET YOU DO!  He plans on graduating in 2011 and going on to get masters and doctorate.  Awesome.  Also, wtf is Jeffrey’s wife Mandi doing?  Sounds like she’s doing jack-snippity snap.  I mean, neither am I right now…but I’m also not sofa surfing with my spouse at my parent’s house.

And one last note to the editor, Jean Lindsay does not have an “online posse”…she’s 67…people who are 67 don’t have posses.  She has an online following PERHAPS…but not a posse.  I’m not even sure how someone has an internet posse…maybe when you’re playing WoW…but not when you’re an iReporter for CNN.  Also, it would be MUCH more interesting (and probably lucrative) to hear about grandmas who are doing other things with their webcams…just a suggestion…to grandmas and CNN.  Go out and get yours gurl-dollar dollar!     

Anyhoosle, I’m kind of sick of posting stories like this.  At least the Washington Post version is hosted by a personal finance expert who’s HELPING the families.   CNN is just sort of like “umm…so there’s this crap stuff happening…we’re watching it…and reporting on it for people with a second grade reading level…enjoy your front row seat for the Greatest Depression!”  

Economic survivors: Where are they now? –


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