Deja Vu




Ummm…didn’t they do this in San Fransico a few weeks ago?  And didn’t everyone complain about the feathers?  And that it took FOREVER to clean up after it?  Not trying to be a hater…but it certainly seems like you could use something that might not be as annoying to clean up.  Also, not sure if anyone has noticed, but DC is kind of strapped for cash…the last thing they need is a massive weekend clean up during cherry blossom season.  But please…people who are apparently pillow rich!  Have your pillow fight!  Also, be sure your pillows are free of bed bugs!  Wow…when did I turn into a bitter grandma?  Must be all that gin I’m drinking.  


Wonkabout: The D.C. Guide. : Massive Pillow Fight On The Mall, This Saturday .


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