Another AWESOME Etsy Seller: AwesomeAsAOne

Here’s another totally neat Etsy vendor!  The fabrics are BEAUTIFUL!  I need to regulate my Etsy situation before I go totally broke…but that’s the thing!  Etsy is so cheap!  I’m totes going to start checking out Etsy before I go shopping for gifts at physical stores from now on.  LOVE IT.

Etsy :: AwesomeAsAOne :: AwesomeAsAOne.

check out the blog too!



One thought on “Another AWESOME Etsy Seller: AwesomeAsAOne”

  1. Love your blog, I just caught myself reading through a bunch of your posts for like 15 minutes and agreeing with/liking everything you said! I really agree about Etsy. I started buying all my gifts for others from there because I love handmade things and it was so cheap! i just opened a shop on there- if you are interested in checking out my handmade jewelry!

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