I’m so confused…I thought people couldn’t afford to go to strip clubs anymore…

According to the ever reliable and not at all sensational New York Post, all sorts of laid-off gals are taking to the pole to make ends meat…or get back to their six figure life-style.  But seriously, a few months ago the newspapers were littered with stories about how strippers, escorts, and mistresses were suffering from the bad economy because men could no longer afford them.  What’s changed?  We’ve hit the bottom so men don’t care if they can afford it anymore?  I guess just former analysts are making tons of money with the career switch?  I have heard that the ‘new girls’ are always more popular.  Also, I’m now really interested to find out what a ‘massage’ girl does at Ricky’s and how it’s legal.  I actually feel pretty sorry for the pastry chef girl who’s now the massage girl…that can’t be good…I mean, I’m sure she’s good at it since she’s used to working with doughy sugar-puffs but it just seems like she’s fallen further than the analyst.  I mean, the analyst lady clearly had no soul to begin with and is just following the dollar…but the pastry chef lady…it sounds like she once had dreams, hopes and ambition at one point.  Le sigh.  Everyone should go buy a cupcake or scone today.  Do your part to keep these chefs from becoming tarts.



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