How a Gentleman Makes a Classy and Professional Exit

I’m not trying to post everything from the Foggy Monocle but this one is kind on point.  I’m really not sure how this could even come to pass…maybe at a law firm?  Law firms are the only groups I can imagine being so cruel as to fire someone and then invite them to a cocktail hour…law firms tend to do the ‘slow close’ where as almost every industry let’s security escort you out of the building.  With the ‘slow close’ you get officially fired and then have some amount of time where you can play office but aren’t actually working for the firm at all.  It is the strangest practice to me…some people pretend for a bit like they aren’t fired…some people take advantage of the career help and free internet.  I just find it ironic and strange that law offices would allow ex-employees to come back in, be near confidential files, and basically have free reign and do whatever the hell they want.  Good times.  Anyhoo, this Gentleman really makes a proper exit.  I’ve drunk my severance at almost every office I’ve ever worked at and I highly recommend it.  Go out and get yours.  This Gent did and it sounds epic.

The Foggy Monocle » Blog Archive » A Gentleman Drinks What He Is Owed In Severance.


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