Earth Hour Recap: PICTURES!

Pictures of Earth Hour around the world.  I, sadly, was unable to participate because I was busy gambling my unemployment check away at Yonkers Raceway.  For those interested, it is HOPPING on Saturday nights.  Sure, I was the youngest person by about 30 years…and sure, FDR Drive-the band attracts an really interesting and eclectic group of old marrieds and swingers, and yes, I tripped over a colonoscopy bag once…and am near certain someone pooped their pants while sitting next to me…also, the drinks were terrible-but terribly cheap!-and I don’t know why but I had to pee about every 20 minutes…and I only consumed 16 oz of fluid over the 6 hour period I was there.  But if you’re looking for a quick cheap trip to remind you that the bottom is still a long way off, I HIGHLY recommend Yonkers Raceway/Empire City.  For the record, I did ok.  The whole evening cost me $20…oh and my dignity…but that was bound to be cast aside sooner rather than later.  Cheers!

Earth Hour 2009 – The Big Picture –

PS: Under no circumstances should you never google “colonoscopy bag”…now I have to go read the answer to “can a woman with a colonoscopy bag have a normal sex life”…should be short a short two letter answer.  Fingers crossed!


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