Ah DC…as usual, too cool for school

DC is laughing in the face of the Second Great Depression and basking in the soft glow of lobbyist cash bonfires and  building a wall to protect it from the third world poverty that the rest of the country is suffering through.  Ah my hometown.  DC is in a strange place right now.  Typically, every administration changes the flavor of the city.  With Clinton, parties raged on, weed was popular and everything was cool and laid back.  With Bush, coke became all the rage, prepsters were back on top and Georgetown and dock shoes were all the rage.  Now with Obama, the city seems a little lost…there’s tons of cash flying around because everyone is trying to bend the President’s ear and everyone is looking for a job in the new administration and government.  As the daughter of a government employee, I can tell you, YES…the benefits are AWESOME.  And countless Americans are finally realizing that working for Uncle Sam and living in a city that’s WAY cheaper than NY or San Fran is not at all a bad thing.  So where other cities have businesses shutting down and bars and restaurants begging for customers, it makes sense that a new douchebag magnet like this one would be opening up.  Let’s all drink “Bailouts” and laugh at the rest of the country!  Speaking of, I’ll be checking this place out on April 17th.  A bar ain’t open until I’ve knocked one back there.  Yes…I’m that “big” in DC.  Or at least I seem to think so.

Wonkabout: The D.C. Guide. : Another ‘Hip’ Restaurant Opens On U Street … With a Drink Called ‘The Bailout’.


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