And for those of you who giggle at the AT Home offices…




My mother emailed me that the home offices featured on Apartment Therapy don’t look like functional home offices at all…that they look more like Victorian writing desks that are just as poorly lit and barely functional.  My mother and I differ in a GREAT many ways…one of the most extreme is ‘work space’.  I can’t stand clutter.  It drives me mad.  In college and law school I had to have a clean apartment in order to study.  While it was a method of procrastination, it also helped me feel calm and much less distracted.  My mother, on the other hand, has one of the most cluttered home ‘offices’ I’ve ever seen.  First, its SMACK in the middle of our kitchen AND family room.  It is literally at the center of the action.  The TV is blaring, dinner’s cooking, phone is ringing, and mother sits there at her stuffed desk happily typing away and tuning it all out.  She thrives in that environment.  That is NOT how I work.  HERE is an article for her.  I’ve tried to organize and reorganize her desk area time and time again but to no avail.  This is an article for you Ma Mere.  You need help 😀  

Custom Solutions to Office Clutter –


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