Dream Job: Anything involving drinking with Rachel Maddow

I love me some Rachel Maddow…Jimmy Fallon…not so much.  I have a friend who’s thrown back a few fancypants cocktails with Ms. Maddow and from the looks of this clip she might not know shit about pouring drinks but she knows how to drink them.  For the record, I don’t need a more masculine drink and my little irish heart was crying as they spilled all that gin everywhere!  There comes a time when you need to sacrifice fancy jiggers for something functional!  Also, Tanqueray?  I hope they are a sponsor.  That can’t be Rachel’s gin of choice!?!?!  So, sisterfriend, if you’re reading, I would be more than happy to be your personal mixologist.  It’s a job I was born for.

Drinking With The Stars: Rachel Maddow, Again, Proves She’s Fun To Drink With.


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