SIGNS…you should not be working in an office

Neat little video I found via another blog.  It’s about 12 minutes long so probably not something you can watch IN the office but it is about how dreary office life can be and does an excellent job capturing the soul crushing repetition experienced by so many on a daily basis.  And then there’s the super cute, puke-on-your-shoes love story *le sigh*.  Gives people hope…at least those with windows in their office…my old office was completely devoid of any windows.  I had to walk down a hallway to find out what it was doing outside…and I couldn’t see the sky unless I actually left the building.  Yeah.  I went from an AMAZING view of the entire of Central Park and beyond (you could even see the Tappan Zee Bridge on super clear days) to NO windows…I’d like some windows in my next office.  I’ll add that to the wish list.  

It’s also on Vimeo: 



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