Cheap Eats: Bahn Mi in NYC

If anyone has been reading this blog (not that I think anyone is), I’m probably sounding a little Bahn Mi obsessed…guilty as charged.  I had one yesterday…and am resisting the urge to order one again today.  They are SO FREAKING CHEAP.  They don’t quite pass the Mr. Wu test (they aren’t cheap AND make you so sick you can’t eat for the next three days) but they are deeeeelish…and, unlike a McGangBang, there are no morning after regrets.  My favorite place in Brooklyn is Hanco (Park Slope and Bergen Street off Smith) which didn’t make the list and neither did the newest addition to the NYC Bahn Mi family, Baoguette (home of the Sloppy Bao…there might be some regrets after the Sloppy Bao…it’s not for the weak)

But this is totally the next list I need to start working through on my fat-ass tour of NYC.

Gridskipper: Banh Mis in New York.


2 thoughts on “Cheap Eats: Bahn Mi in NYC”

  1. I have wanted to try one of these ever since you mentioned it in an earlier post (I think?) I need to find a recipe and make it myself because who knows when I’ll ever get the chance to have one in the city.

  2. I’ll bring you one! I’m sure you can make them. If you have a good baguette, the rest is just fresh veggies, pate, and pork that’s cooked in lemongrass and fish sauce. There are other special spices…I’ll see what I can find.

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