My mind is blown and my prayers have been answered!

So this is pretty much impossible for me to wrap my wee little brain around but apparently peeps down at Wake Forest University have developed a technology that will allow people to grow their own organs.  I have been praying and begging for this technology ever since I reached legal drinking age-I will be able to regrow my own liver!  YES!

So I think this also portends the end of days, apocalypse, etc because I just don’t think people will be able to handle living forever…but I could be wrong…but 2012 is soon…think on it…maybe just the introduction of the technology will cause the fall.  I mean, how much does it cost?  What’s to stop everyone from just growing a spare set of everything?  If you’re in a car accident, you don’t know what you’re going to need.  Anyhoo, interesting stuff.

Also interesting to note, O kind of screwed the reduced your calories-you’re going to live forever-benjamin button style people by talking about the diet first (which no one wants to do because you pretty much eat twigs and berries) and THEN the organ growing story (which everyone wants to do because all you have to do is give them some cells!)

Dr. Oz on Innovations in Regenerative Medicine –


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