I want to go to there: Bora-Bora






If you’re like me, you need a reason to get up and out of your warm bed this dreary Tuesday AM…WHY IS IT STILL SO COLD OUT???  It was supposed to warm up!  But weather.com tells me it “feels” like 18 degrees!  It is SUPPOSED to be Spring.  

Le sigh.  So here’s a photo essay from the LA Times of Bora-Bora to remind you of why it’s beauitful to be alive.  

Travel photography: Bora Bora – Los Angeles Times.


2 thoughts on “I want to go to there: Bora-Bora”

    1. Yeah…not exactly on the cheap list for vacations this year. But it still on my bucket list of places to see before I die! It’s nice to escape into these pictures when you can’t afford to travel there…or want to be reminded of vacations past. Thanks for commenting.

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