Always wanted to go to an Ivy League School?

Well, you probably still can’t get in…especially with tons of applicants trying to return to school to wait out the economic implosion…BUT you can totally check out a bunch of FREE lectures online from MIT, Harvard, Stanford and more.  If you have time to watch last week’s 30 Rock episode, then you have time to watch one of these lectures and learn something!  Not that I don’t want you to watch 30 Rock…I love 30 Rock…and I want it to survive and enjoy many more seasons…but these lectures might give you some extra book learning…actually, if they are free online lectures, then they probably still don’t count as book learning.  Le sigh.

Also, if you’re thinking of going back to college to get your BA or Associates Degree, check out the Lifehacker link to getting a free college degree online.  There’s no reason to be spending hard earned money or savings on college classes when you can get them for free!

Education: Academic Earth Aggregates Lectures from MIT, Harvard, Yale, and Others.


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