TO DO: Cool Tour of Secert Underground Tunnel!

Brooklyn’s history is vast and varied and so many people have no idea how the streets they walk upon came to be.  As everyone in NYC knows, there are miles of tunnels under the city that extend down beneath the surface in a Metropolis like tapestry.  I have always wanted to explore some of these unexplored tunnels but have watched may too much Law and Order episodes to ever gather up the gumption to do so on my own.  NOW there’s a tour of one of these tunnels!  In April!  There’s a secret tunnel that runs down a substantial portion of Atlantic Avenue.  It used to host a trolley train that was eventually abandoned with the evolution of the subway.  The man who rediscovered this tunnel (which was supposed to be filled in by a man who sounds a wee bit like the Bernie Madoff of his time) will be conducting a tour on April 19th.  There’s also a documentary coming out.  You should totally check it out if you’re in the area.

Notes from the Underground: The Secret Tunnels of Brooklyn –


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