File this under “Things that would make me poop my pants if I didn’t know they weren’t real”


I cannot believe they are doing this!  And at 9:30am on a weekday!  I used to take Key Bridge to work everyday…around 9:30am…a huge fireball on the river would totally freak me out.  I mean, this is DC we’re talking about.  District of “this is not a drill” fucking Columbia.  Seriously, we don’t practice fire drills or getting bombed…because we actually think those things are happening too frequently.  My mom worked for the govt her entire career.  I can’t even count how many bomb threats her building got…and she worked for the USDA!  On the one hand, you’re probably wondering why bomb them?  On the other hand, the people that do are generally farmers and, as X Files taught me, those farmers have every ingredient needed to make some kick-ass bombs!

So, if you happen to be near Gtown or in NoVa and you see a HUGE fireball on Wednesday, it’s probably not real.  If you see it on Tuesday or Thursday, it is real and you know the drill.

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