Are you a cocktail poser? Or are you true to your alcoholic soul?

I would have to say that I regularly order exactly what I want to drink.  I’ve been having ‘tastes’ of beer since I was three and ‘samples’ of other liquors from about the same age on.  I’m not saying I haven’t sinned like this in the past-ordering the sugary, the sweet, the fancypants when all I really wanted was my grandma juice (gin!)-but ever since I tried Cisco Red…otherwise known as crossing over to the dark side in alcoholic speak (if you know what Cisco Red tastes like, you probably have a drinking problem)…call it clarity, call it the point of no return, but tasting that vile drink brought an unbridaled honesty to my drink ordering.  Once you’ve gone to hell and back, you don’t waste time with pretention and wondering what other people think.  Also, drinks in Manhattan are so freaking expensive you might as well be buying a house.  You’re allowed to take your time and really figure out what you want because you’re spending more on one drink than you would in a whole evening in DE.

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