Ways to Help a Friend Survive a Job Search – NYTimes.com

DaydreamsI’ve already posted a few articles about how to help a friend who has been recently laid off.  This is an excellent list for people who are in a position to help and are looking to do something more constructive for a friend in the midst of a job search.  Love the idea of gift cards in exchange for services.  It won’t pay the ConEd bill but it can help if it’s for the grocery store, liquor store, or drug store.  These tough financial times call for creativity and innovation and job searching tends to take a toll so it often helps to have a friend taken an interest and offer a fresh perspective.  The Job Search Survival Kit is a great idea.  Just remember, don’t ever start off with “how’s the Job Search going?”…That’s the worst question.  But constructive suggestions like creating vision statements and balancing the job-hunt with things like matinees or walks in the park are great.  I’ve basically been splitting my day.  I spend the mornings job hunting and then spend the rest of the day exploring the neighborhood, meeting friends for lunch or early happy hour.  As silly as it sounds, I really enjoy getting to explore the city when everyone else is at work.  The streets of New York are never empty but at least they are less crowded during the workday!  At my old job, I used to daydream all the time about other things I could be doing…I wish I’d kept a list so I could be checking it off now!

Ways to Help a Friend Survive a Job Search – NYTimes.com.


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