Small Businesses are seeing a glimmer of hope

The NY Times has been tracking a number of small business owners since October.  After layoffs and declining business, these men have changed with the times and are finally feeling at least a little optimistic.  A bicycle shop has adapted to answer the rise in demand for food carts and declining demand for bikes and trikes.  A construction company has cut back on it’s workforce but is focusing on maintenance projects as demand for more ambitious home renovation is down…way down.  The owner of a meat market is extending credit to customers and looking forward to BBQ season.  You know who else is looking forward to BBQ season?  THIS KID!  Anyhoo, he was also able to negotiate with ConEd and another business owner negotiated with his landlord to keep his business costs as low as possible.  These stories are interesting because they also reflect how the public is reacting to the downturn.  People seem to be saving more and spending less but they haven’t stopped spending entirely.  Seems the Spring season is bringing optimism to every sector.

Amid a Lingering Recession, Small Businesses Face New Challenges –


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