Time to Spring Clean your Liver!

I was totally feeling this list until I got to #9…well, really number 8, 9, and 10. 

#8: I’m having trouble cultivating much of anything these days…especially when Mother Nature decides to piss all over my Friday by making it SNOW on the first day of SPRING.

#9: Why not add spicy foods and just hammer that last nail in.  How does caffeine impact my spiritual health exactly?  I might as well go on that lemon juice cleanse if I’m actually following #9.

#10: ahhhhh…I barely get dressed in the AM and am on unemployment…massages are pretty out of the question…and I’m not really part of 24/7 culture anymore.  Thanks to ‘being between employment opportunities’ I have all the time in the world to schedule things of this nature and none of the funds to pay for them.  So how ‘bout I just make a conscious effort to shower and put on a bra…at least once a day?  I think my liver will be happy with that…frankly my liver will be happy if I do any one of these things since I’ve pretty much been beating it like a red-headed stepchild for most of my adult life. 

Also, check out the list of things associated with “liver qi stagnation”.  Is there anything that CAN’T be associated with it???  Teen pregnancy?  Genocide?  Nazis?  

Anyhoo, I can’t freaking wait for spring and for it to STOP SNOWING.  Especially this type of snow…where it’s just some flurries…enough that you might slip and fall but not enough to be a super romantic snow fall where the city is quiet and the streets are still…this is just a douche move, Mother Nature…are you going to be drinking on 2nd avenue tonight?  with all the other dbags?  I’d eat closer to you, per #6 but after today, I would be surprised if you poisoned me.  


Dr. Patricia Fitzgerald: Spring Cleaning: 10 Steps To Bring New Life To Your Liver.


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