They aren’t so different than us…Wall Street tries to sell their crap at yard sales too!

Trinkets, bobbles and tiffany’s paper weights-Lehman is being force to get rid of tote bags, golf umbrellas, and tons of other chotckies to settle some of their debts.  The items had to be recovered from Barclays after they were mistakenly conveyed.  Kind of awesome to imagine Lehman having to beg for these items back “Yeah…and that tote bag…and that tie…and the coffee mug…umm…yeah, we’re going to need those pens back…”  Maybe they’ll take it to the iSold It on eBay store.  OR maybe someone has come up with a Silver-4-Cash place where they can send all their tiffany’s crap.

Lehman Stress Balls Coughed Up By Barclays (Update1) –


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