While some firms are failing, others are expanding


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With so many law firms hemorrhaging associates and staff, other firms are picking up employees and piecing together new practice areas.  The DC firm formerly known as Buckley Kolar has picked up two partners from Skadden’s DC office and is now BuckleySandler.  As some of the commenters on ATL point out, this is probably the next trend.  Now that BigLaw has fallen on it’s ear and most, at least in NY, are going to be conflicted out of any litigation involving the major financial firms who are all former clients, smaller firms are going to reap huge rewards.  Has anyone else read Outliers yet?  Malcolm Gladwell?  This sounds like a repeat of the trend he describes in his book.  It is almost exactly how firms like Skadden and Wachtell first started-by picking up the pieces left behind by white shoe firms like Cadwalader, Cravath and Shearman.  The BigLaw model is broken and firms are trying to salvage what they can but it’s an ideal time for mid and smaller firms to start picking up the pace and building practices that will shape the next 50 years.  Exciting times!  It’s also nice to be able to report about a law firm that’s doing WELL for a change…especially in DC where most firms seem to be shedding associates like crazy.

Musical Chairs: Skadden Partners Leave DC office for Buckley

Business Wire 




4 thoughts on “While some firms are failing, others are expanding”

  1. It tis indeed. I was trying to link it to the story about Skadden DC but wordpress and flickr weren’t playing well together.

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