My law school cannot catch a break…


While casually skimming the transcript from Madoff’s hearing on the 10th, I reached some extremely troubling news on page 5…Bernie attended my law school…only for a year…but nonetheless, my law school has once again made the news for less than savory/happy things.  WHY???? It seems like we produce nothing but criminals and mob lawyers….oh…and Super-douche reporters who give away troop locations…yes…Geraldo Rivera is the major benefactor of my law school…I did not know that until my second year there and it was too late to transfer.

Madoff’s Accountant Faces A Long Count –


11 thoughts on “My law school cannot catch a break…”

  1. Well this may all be true as to unsavory characters from BLS but please note that Hon. Denny Chin who presided over the Madoff proceeding is also a BLS graduate.

  2. That’s very true. I guess not all BLS grads are convicts! In all honesty, I know there are a TON of BLS grads who are judges and very respected state and federal lawyers. But it just seems that the headline makers are all…well…not people BLS would like to be associated with. A friend of mine from BLS asked why Madoff didn’t donate-now THAT is a question I’d like answered.

  3. Brookyln Law School is Tier 1 disaster. Worst law school, worst Dean, horrrible administration. The only thing they have going for them is they have somehow convinced great faculty to stay on Board under the evil reign of Joan Wexler.

  4. Terrible place. Anyone who wastes their money on BLS is a moron. That school is run by a bunch of tyrants who don’t know if they are coming or going.

  5. That this corporate devil asshole went to school at BLS is really no surprise; it’s a magnet for douche rockets and it encourages this kind of behavior: MAKE MONEY NO MATTER WHAT. You couldn’t find a bigger shit hole in the sewers of New York. Seriously, who’s surprised??

  6. Interesting. It appears that the spirit and joy that once were JdJive are now alive and well here! First, Joan, Tier 1? Since when has BLS been Tier 1? On what Tiered system of rankings is BLS a Tier 1 school? Perhaps a system where there is but one tier? Second, Sans Culottes, I’m not really sure that the school encourages Madoff’s type of behavior. While I am quite sure a great number of my classmates were very concerned about making money, as many students at many law schools across the nation are (have you ever talked to Columbia law students? As far as douche behavior, they take all the flavor and have for YEARS), there were also quite a few who were devoted to public interest law and are still practicing…how they do it in NYC with loans, families and living expenses is beyond me. That is one area I really fault BLS on. When I was there, they had no incentive or loan forgiveness program for people who go into non-profit or public interest law. That is a serious flaw. As to the staff, it’s been awhile since I’ve been a student so I can’t comment on who’s currently there. I know that I liked some of the staff and didn’t like others…but that’s common of just about every law student at every school. I don’t think BLS is any better or worse than the other law schools out there. When you get down to it, all law schools are going to have to figure out what the next move is…just like the lawyers they educate. How do you get students to attend if you can’t even put numbers together for your graduating class? This year’s class is going to be a shit show. Even for the BLS students lucky enough to get work in BigLaw, many of them won’t be starting until the new year…so that’s the top 10% of the class…what’s happening with the rest of these poor bastards? Seems like more and more attorneys are doing doc review…doc review attorneys are what allowed BLS to advertise such amazing income levels for graduates so now that’s gone. As much as I lament my current situation, it’s nothing compared to how much it must suck to be a graduating 3L this year.

  7. semi is absolutely correct in commenting that BLS like any other schools produces all types of characters. To say that it is no surprise that Madoff went to BLS is unfair but more importantly close minded. What we learn in law school is objectivity and as much as we complain about BLS or any schools that we have attended the fact is our success is not necessarily measured by the schools that we attended, although it does not hurt, it comes down to what we make of it. I personally am a graduate of BLS and I still believe the education that I received is without a doubt exemplary. No school, including Harvard and Yale, guarantees success especially moral character. mommy wexler and Sans Culottes should perhaps reevaluate their bitterness and if they also attended BLS I am sure their failure in life and career has no connection to BLS.

    1. You’re stupid…as reflected by your nom de plume…although solar pants would be cool. I like those solar bags. But do they really work?
      What’s with all the “pants” themes? You and Sans Culottes. I’m worried that all this talk about pants is going to remind people about the BLS girl who posed sans pants on that Happy Girl Funtime show…or whatever it was called. Ah BLS. Wexler can suck it though. Ain’t no way I’m donating until I’ve paid off my loans. BLS gets paid when I finally get paid.

  8. Fancy words aside – we all think the same thing: Wexler can suck it, but BLS might have a few cool things to offer if she retired that old, mousey sagging ass.

    Semi, this might the beginning of a beautiful hatred for JOAN WEXLER, aka, Turtle Head.

  9. They should never have let Rosato go. Although I’m guessing she’s pretty happy running her own law school down in Philly now. I have to concur…I’m not a huge fan of Joanie. And it’s a sentiment that was echoed down the halls of BLS when I was there. She was not popular with the student body…but it makes me wonder why she’s still there and how she’s saving the school. Also, DID Bernie donate? That I’d like to know.

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