UPDATE: GUILTY! On all 23 COUNTS! One of the Jurors speaks out

Sunrise, SunsetThe criminal trial for the man who ripped off my parents and countless others was found guilty on 23 counts today in Richmond.  He’s facing a max of 400 years in prison.  Unfortunately, this doesn’t really mean they are any closer to getting any of their money back.  But at least this crook is going to jail for a very long time and won’t be able steal from any more people.  Now there needs to be IRS reform to make sure the 1031 intermediaries are regulated and money is protected.  The IRS is ultimately to blame for allowing this to happen.  Okun exploited the fact that intermediaries are unregulated but the IRS has YET to change the laws.  Minor changes could protect everyone and prevent this from ever happening again.

Okun guilty on all counts in $132 million fraud case | Richmond Times-Dispatch.


Okun Blog

Article including video of Edward Okun’s $200K wedding:

Okun Guilty On All Counts Richmond

CBS Story

AP Story


2 thoughts on “UPDATE: GUILTY! On all 23 COUNTS! One of the Jurors speaks out”

  1. My heart goes out to you and your parents for suffering at the hands of another Ponzi scheme crook. It seems that our government can’t either keep up with these people or they don’t pay enough attention. No matter the reason, the fact of the matter is he hurt a number of people with no regard except for his own good time. Best of luck in the future.

    dean of deansguide

    1. Thanks. It’s been a tough time but we’re happy he’s behind bars and that the slow wheels of justice are finally turning…even though they are turning too late and too slow to get our money back. Le sigh.

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